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Vacation in Birmingham, Alabama – A True Southern Gem

Looking for quality family fun, but don’t want to have to take out a second mortgage to afford it? Then look no further than the glorious vacation awaiting you at Birmingham, Alabama!

The whole family will simply love the Alabama Adventure Theme Park. You’ll love the classic Ferris wheel, go-carts, and bumper cars, but if you’re a little more adventures you’ll want to check out Rampage, one of the largest, fastest, and most back-twisting fun you’ll find east of the Mississippi.

Don’t stop there though; there are loads of other rides including Zoomerang. This steel monster launches you around tight turns and huge hills. After an exciting ride on the Zoomerang go cool off with some slashing good fun on Alabama Adventure Theme Park’s numerous water rides. And what would a theme park be without food beyond your wildest dreams? Huge turkey legs, funnel cakes, ice cream, chicken fingers, cotton candy, and much more can be found along Celebration Street within the park. Take it from me, Alabama Adventure Theme Park is a great time, and I know your family will love it.

After you thrill seekers have been satisfied you should stop by the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The 67 acres of trails are simply magnificent. Stop by the local cafĂ© and get a drink before you take in the full beauty of the indigenous Alabama flowers, trees, and other plant life. While you’re meandering through the gardens make sure to check out the Japanese Garden. The very rare tea house is simply elegant and showcases the true beauty of Japanese culture.

If you’re into elegant old fashioned buildings then you’ll love the wide selection of Antebellum Homes available for tour in Alabama. Many of these Greek revival built homes are open for tour daily, allowing you to appreciate the architecture and construction of generations gone by. Be sure to check out the Weeden House Museum. The home turned museum houses the life works of Nationally renowned painter, Mrs. Maria Howard. The elegant buildings, furnishings, and delicate water colors of the Weeden House Museum are a worth attraction you shouldn’t miss.

So what are you waiting for?! With such a fun family-friendly environment it’s easy to see why more and more tourists flock to the attractions of Alabama every year.