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Southern Adventures – An Alabama Attraction Worth the Time

Looking for fun in the sun? A thrill a minute and some family bonding time? Then look no further than Southern Adventures Amusement Park!

This is a great attraction for the whole family. The carnival on steroids is packed full of rides and attractions, from go-carts and bumper cars, to the Ferris wheel and two miniature golf courses.

I’ve always been a bit of a go-cart buff myself and I give this track my seal of approval. With over a quarter mile of paved track you can zip and weave all afternoon! Take part in your own personal Southern Adventures 500 and pit the family in a match of racing strength, either in single carts or doubles.

Can’t take all day in the heat? Me Either!

Southern Adventures is packed full of water rides. The central tower at nearly fifty feet talk will be your gateway for slip sliding fun. Hop on any one of the park’s 500 feet worth of slides. On top of the great slides there is a gigantic 2000 sq. ft. pool for just relaxing the day away. No need to worry about the kids, with a trained and well equipped lifeguard staff you and your family will be safe under the constant vigilance.

Ready for a bit of culture?

Ha! Ha! Well not quite, though the Aztec themed Amazon Café will offer you plenty of domestic delights to satisfy even the pickiest eater. From French fries to chicken strips, burgers to hotdogs, smoothies to shakes, you’ll find it all and much more at the café. So stop inside the beautifully themed and fully air conditioned facility and delight both your imagination and your stomach.

If you’d rather bring a picnic, feel free! There are loads of benches and covered areas for you and your family to have a great lunch along the beautiful Alabama terrain. With facilities large enough to house 200 people, the park is well equipped to handle large groups.

After an exciting day of Southern Adventures you’ll want to be sure to stop by the Birmingham Zoo. It’s a great place to simply stroll the day away while taking in the sights and sounds of the World’s critters.

If you’re planning your summer trip to Alabama, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be by now, then you absolutely must check out Southern Adventures. Great rides, great food, and an awesome place to make memories that’ll last a lifetime. Believe me; your kids will thank you.