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A Must See in Mobile, Alabama – The Oakleigh Complex

Tired of driving all day long just to see one lackluster attraction? So was I, and I was skeptical when I heard about the Oakleigh Complex in Mobile, Alabama. But, wow was I wrong!

On the 3.5 acre a complex you’ll find the Oakleigh House Museum, the Mardi Gras Cottage Museum, and the Cox-Deasy Cottage. These magnificent examples of architecture, construction, and history are simply wonderful, and they offer numerous tours throughout the day for you and your family.

While on the complex you can see take a “day in the life of” tour, to really see what it was like to be a mid-19th century man or woman. Get a realistic view of the bygone society, family structure, and daily activities. It’s truly a memorable tour that I know you’ll love.

The Oakleigh House museum is the epitome of southern elegance and Greek revival architecture. The house is the official antebellum mansion of Mobile and for obvious reason, large and beautiful white columns, spiraling marble staircases, and detail work taken to the next level of experience and precision.

The museum is furnished with rare and unique antiques which would have been commonplace in the homes of wealthy 19th century families. Trust me, this is a tour you don’t want to miss, and the era-dressed guides are more than willing to show you some southern hospitality along the tour.

While you’re on the property make sure to stop by Cook’s quarters! These buildings once houses slavers on the property, but now they server as a reminder to America’s southern past. Though you won’t find any more forced labor going on, you will find a unique look into the past histories of Alabama and the plantation that once operated on these very grounds.

Take a look at how the slaves and servants once lived, and just how very different their lives were from those who lived in the Oakleigh House.

Finish your round with the Cox-Deasy home, which explains the historical significance and daily life struggles of the average working class in the mid 19th century. It’s not often that we can truly open the windows of time, but this museum truly does succeed and will give you a whole new respect for just how far humanity has come.

It’s easy to see why the Oakleigh Complex has become one of the most sought after historical sites in the country. With great historical significance, exciting architecture, antique buildings and furnishings, well it’s a no brainer to me! You won’t believe your ears and eyes along the tours and I know you’ll create memories that’ll last a life time.